Systems create muscle memory for less important tasks, and extra time for more important ones.


Tora Bjarnason

Founder, Chef & Business Strategist

Trained chef and entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in developing work systems,  coordinating workflow and planning menus.

My belief is that if everything initially is set in a system, pattern and place, that's consistent with your concept, you can improve standards and quality while reducing waste and costs. This allows you to increase profit margins and provides opportunities to keep optimizing and developing your business. 

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Lotus Child
Co-Founder, Creative Director &
Brand Strategist 

Creative director and strategist with 25 years experience creating distinctive communications for global brands like Adobe, Yahoo!, LG, Levis, HP and Nike across digital, print, branding, product, direct and social.

By defining and creating your brand in conjunction with designing and building your business, both become stronger and more effective. This allows you to communicate authentically and better connect with the right customers. The result is marketing that is more effective and efficient as you need to spend less to do more.

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Vodroffsvej 37

1900 Frederiksberg C 


Tel: +45 20 71 64 31

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